NULS Wallets

NULS Wallets are developed by the NULS core team and the Code Craft Council (CCC). We recommend the NULS light wallet for ease of use and convenience for staking. Agent (masternode) operators need to use the desktop wallet to perform node operations. We also provide several third-party wallets, some of which include staking capability. When using a third-party wallet you are responsible for the safety of your private key.

Light Wallet

The web wallet features full staking and voting capabilities. You do not need to leave the wallet running to receive staking rewards. NULS staking allows you to earn rewards while your PC is off. Before using any wallet, please be sure to back up your private key, keystore file, and password to a safe place. Additionally, it is recommended to use incognito mode, or turn off browser add-ons to further ensure the safety of your tokens.

Access the Web Wallet

The NULS desktop wallet is required to perform all necessary masternode operations.


Nabox is a wallet-based NULS ecoservice application platform that provides safe and convenient asset management and application incubation for NULS community users.


Ledger integration development is complete and currently pending review by the Ledger team.


AnyBit has joined consensus with a node and provides mobile staking functionality.

3rd Party


Our award-winning Proof of Credit consensus mechanism secures the NULS network by combining Delegated Proof of Stake with an added credit rating feature. Operate a NULS masternode or stake into a node to start earning NULS in minutes.

Staking Guide

Consensus Reward Calculator

Consensus Nodes


Total Staked


Total Supply


Circulating Supply


Staking Reward Calculator

Stake amount ranges from 2000 to 500,000
Commission rate ranges from 10 to 100
Credit ranges from 0 to 1
Per Day {{stakingResult.daily}}
Per Month {{stakingResult.monthly}}
Per Year {{stakingResult.yearly}}

Node Reward Calculator

Deposit ranges from 20,000 to 200,000
Commission rate ranges from 10 to 100
Credit ranges from 0 to 1
Deposit ranges from 2000 to 500,000
Per Day {{ nodeResult.daily }}
Per Month {{ nodeResult.monthly }}
Per Year {{ nodeResult.yearly }}

Operating a node

Node operation requires use of the desktop wallet. Operate a NULS Masternode or have one hosted by our partners at NodeForge.

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