Online Hackathon 8th July - 28th August 2019

Nothing Makes Blockchain Easier Than NULS

With the release of our newest chain-building solution ChainBox, we are inviting developers to win up to $500,000 in NULS prizes by building modules for the world's most adaptable blockchain. NULS is so easy that modules can be created by developers with no direct blockchain experience! For this reason, developers can choose between two objectives to build their modules based on the type of experience they possess. Modules can be built in the coding language of choice.

There are two developer objectives to choose from:

1. Build a module that can realize specific application scenarios, and use ChainBox to build a new chain in minutes, load the module and test.

2. Design and implement a blockchain ecosystem extension module, and use the ChainBox to build a new blockchain in minutes, load the module and test.

Activities can include, but are not limited to, oracle data modules, mortgage lending modules, DEX transaction modules, account permissions modules, anonymous privacy modules, traceability certificates, and additional consensus mechanisms.

Module languages include, but are not limited to, C++, Golang, JAVA, JS, Python, etc.

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Step 1
Learning development environment then design products based on activity requirements and document examples.
Step 2

Send the developed product to the activity Github related repository.

Step 3

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Contributor Award

Requirements: Clearly introduce the design and development of the module, including how it solves problems or pain points. Complete program implementation must include a new transaction-type processing. Provide product design document, operation manual, and interface document. Prize : 700 NULS + 400 BWB

Outstanding Performance Award

From among all participants, we will choose the top 3 based on their comprehensive performance. Prizes include the following:
First Place 4000 NULS
Second Place 3000 NULS
Third Place 2000 NULS

Complete Design Award

Requirements: Clearly introduce design and development of the module and how it solves problems or pain points. Complete program implementation to include a new transaction type processing. Provide product design document, operation manual, and interface document. Include clear product thinking. Program implementation (no obvious bugs), operation manual (application module), and interface document (extension module) must be complete.
Prize : 5000 NULS

Project Incubation Award

Requirements: The designed product has certain commercial value, can solve a practical problem, and is of great significance for the development of NULS. The product design document is clear, the procedure is complete, and the operation manual is clear. The product can be launched as a standalone project and develops on NULS.

Prize: Qualify to win 200,000 NULS + 200,000 USD Soar Express Incubation Fund
Please contact the NULS team for details.

Winners of the Incubation Award will receive technical support from NULS including project implementation. The Soar Express Fund by BitSG Coin, Singapore's most professional blockchain incubator, is supported by ZB Singapore's digital financial platform ZBM in cooperation with HighStreet Capital. Experts in finance, commerce, law, securities, etc. will provide comprehensive guidance with technical consultation, international architecture, business model design, certificate issuance, exchange listing, public relations, investment banking, and other services, to support quality projects.

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Evaluation Criteria

The Complete Design Award and Outstanding Performance Awards will be evaluated based on the value of the module application, module integrity, documentation, and tutorial of module development. The final interpretation rights belong to the NULS technical community, CCC and NULS team.

Bonus Point Appendix

  • Develop in any language aside from JAVA
  • Put forward quality suggestions for NULS bottom layer improvement
  • Provide high quality documents
  • Publish and share articles or blog posts
  • Find and submit severe bugs


Developer examples for inspiration.

Dev Example

Lets squash those bugs.

Bug Submission
Tell us what you think.

CCC Qualification

Winners of this competition can enjoy qualification to join the Code Craft Council. The CCC is mutually synonymous with the NULS technical core team. Members are supported by the NULS Foundation earning nodes to join consensus in the NULS ecosystem. For more insight on NULS nodes, check out, the most comprehensive monitoring and statics service website providing data and resources to passive income investors.

Friends With Benefits

Invite developers, teams, start-ups, and companies to join the NULS Online Hackathon and earn 200 NULS + 100 ZT when they join and create a module. To claim your reward, fill in the Invitation Reward form before the end of the event. Register on ZBG and KYC to receive the corresponding ZT.
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