The NULS Community is Deeply Committed to the Future of Blockchain

NULS is a public, open-source, community-driven project. Our future is built upon the strength and security of decentralized blockchain technology and the NULS Foundation to ensure the cooperation and success of our partners and ecosystem.


Our award-winning Proof of Credit consensus mechanism secures the NULS network by combining Delegated Proof of Stake with an added credit rating feature. Operate a NULS masternode or stake into a node to start earning NULS in minutes.
Staking FAQ

Consensus Reward Calculator

Consensus Nodes


Total Staked


Total Supply


Circulating Supply


Staking Reward Calculator

Stake amount ranges from 2000 to 500,000
Commission rate ranges from 10 to 100
Credit ranges from 0 to 1
Per Day {{stakingResult.daily}}
Per Month {{stakingResult.monthly}}
Per Year {{stakingResult.yearly}}

Node Reward Calculator

Deposit ranges from 20,000 to 200,000
Commission rate ranges from 10 to 100
Credit ranges from 0 to 1
Deposit ranges from 2000 to 500,000
Per Day {{ nodeResult.daily }}
Per Month {{ nodeResult.monthly }}
Per Year {{ nodeResult.yearly }}

Operating a Node

Operate a NULS Masternode or have one hosted by our partners at Node Forge.


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NULS Ambassadors focus on region-specific awareness for growing the NULS global ecosystem and network effect. Ambassadors are leaders of community development, and are elected by the NULS community and core team on a quarterly basis.
Joao Fernandes
Joao Fernandes
Portugal Ambassador
Sebastien ng
Sebastien ng
African Ambassador
Emre Özyürek
Emre Özyürek
Turkey Ambassador


You can use your NULS to vote for important community and funding decisions, as well as fun events and promotions. As an open-source and community-driven blockchain project, the NULS promotes industry education, decentralization, and setting new industry standards in blockchain governance.

NULS Foundation

The NULS Foundation is a non-profit organization based in San Jose, California. The NULS Community Council is elected to manage the Community Fund to service proposals through the NULS Community voting and governance model.

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Our innovative microservices technology, expert business and technical teams, and outstanding community makes NULS a driving force in the blockchain industry.